Applications that focus on different field of disciplines.
Comparison of a moonpoo

Moonpool simulation by Ulstein Group with FINETMMarine

FINETMMarine : Simulation for a propeller on a pod in waves

Pelton turbine

Seakayak in head waves

FINETMMarine : Simulation using adaptive grid refinement

FINETMMarine : Ventilation effect

FINETMMarine : Rotating propeller using sliding grids technique

FINETMMarine : Thruster simulation

FINETMMarine : Life boat drop

FINETMMarine : Anemometer in a homogeneous wind of 1 m/s

Fire Simulation in a compartment area by NUMIT-NUMECA

Computational Fluid Dynamics in architecture

Computational Fluid Dynamic in Hydrodynamic

DTMB Hydrodynamics I

DTMB Hydrodynamics II

Hydrodynamic for Offshore Platform

Ships's crossing I

Ships's crossing II

Mesh adaption with no travelling shot I

Mesh adaption with no travelling shot II

DTMB (Tugging)

DTMB (Self Propulsion with slidding grid)

DTMB (Mooring)

Coast without POLE protection simulated via FINEMarine - Part II

Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics: FDHF vs Hard Cine at Speed

NUMECA introduces overset grid technology for FINE/Marine