Automatic Full Hex Multi-block Structured Meshing of Multi-stage Turbomachinery

AutoGrid5TM is a full automatic hexahedral grid generator for all types of rotating machinery: complex axial, radial, and mixed-flow configurations. AutoGrid5TM produces grids in a few minutes, with a few clicks through a wizard based interface.

This product is part of AutoMeshTM.

Watch this video and learn more about the powerful, yet easy to use, Row Mesh Setup Assistant of AutoGrid5TM.

  • Optimized topologies according to geometrical configurations;
  • Automatic grid points distribution according to user's grid size requirements;
  • Free user-defined topologies;
  • Advanced smoothing algorithms yielding a high grid quality;
  • Multistage and bypass configurations;
  • Capturing a large range of geometrical features, such as tip and hub clearance, seal-leakages, rounded and blunt leading and trailing edge, spinners, flow path discontinuities, rotor/stator, inner/row interfaces, non-axisymmetric end walls, bleed ports, cooling holes, tip basins, part-span shroud, etc.
  • Grid wake refinement;
  • Full connectivity with IGGTM (NUMECA's general structured multiblock grid generator), allowing to interactively mesh up- and downstream components such as nozzle, volute, ducts, condensers, etc.;
  • Advanced template and script technology for automated meshing of features such as fillets, leakage paths, cavities, etc.